Sustainable Fashion


Did you ever think you would dress yourself in an outfit made out of plastic bottles or skateboards? Look into the future my friend, see the light!

Beyond The Label hosted a Sustainable Fashion Show last night in Santa Monica. Different clothing brands showed their work, which is all made out of recycled textiles and other materials. Everything on the runway was sustainable. From the shoes, clothes, to the make up the models wore. Pretty cool! And it shows that it’s possible to make great clothing without causing unnecessary damage to the environment.

Each year more than 89 million tons of municipal solid waste gets composed – in the US alone. So that shirt that’s been laying around in the back of your closet for years that you just throw away will have extremely negative effects on the environment. To produce the amount of cotton for one single shirt it can take up to 2,700 liters of water. For one shirt! That’s insane!

I mean I think we all know about how bad waste is for the environment, but how many does really make the biggest effort to change their recycling habits? Honestly, people… I don’t… But we should! Beyond The Label really showed how sustainability can be fun and fashionable, and how we all can get better at recycling and make sure we donate our old clothes for reuse. Put the sweet, sexy, and sassy in sustainable and be aware of how you waste and shop – til you drop. Dead. Kidding. Maybe. What?

The brands at the fashion show with links to their websites:

Bead & Reel – Women’s apparel
LA Relaxed – Women’s apparel

Sita Couture  – Women’s apparel
Mink Shoes – Women’s shoes
Outerknown – Men’s apparel
prAna – Men’s and Women’s fashion with focus on active wear


Get out of the dumpster


Some days you will wake up and not feel the best. You can do everything to try to cheer yourself up, fake laugh, tell yourself it’s going to be an awesome day, do a 360 spin in an awkward position in front of the mirror to laugh at your ridicolous self, but sometimes it takes a little more effort to feel great. We get into a negative thought spiral and suddenly we’re not just mad at the day anymore, we’re suddenly mat at ourselves and start to think negative things in general, and there we go. Stuck in a toxic cycle.

I’m mostly a happy person and people tell me that I’m always a happy-go-merry young chica who usually laughs at all times. But lightning can struck and there I am with a dark cloud following me throughout the day. Sucky feeling, we all know. So what to do about it?

Acknowledge it! – That’s the first step. Instead of letting your mind eat your brain up from the inside stop for a second and acknowledge how you’re feeling. Sad? Angry? Hopeless? Anxious? Lonely? Grab the feeling by it’s butt and stare it straight up in the face and say “Okay, I’m feeling this way. This is me feeling this way. How can I make myself feel better?”. It’s hard to go from sad to the most happy little fluff ball in a matter of seconds, but you can always make yourself feel better. Ask yourself  what would make you feel better right now?  Sometimes it’s the most simple things that can increase our mood from totally down the dumpster to getting out of the dumpster. Call a friend or family member, take a walk, watch your favorite movie, get some of your favorite food, listen to happy music, the list of feel good things goes on.

Acknowledge your feelings and talk them out with someone to not let them eat you up alive. Write them down! Get them out of yourself before they manifest deep into your soul (yes, that sounds very dramatic but it’s kinda true) Realize that without the bad days we wouldn’t appreciate and know when we are having a good day. Bad days are okay and a part of being a human, unfortunately. Tomorrow is another day, a better day.

Also, you’re great and you deserve all of the happiness possible!

Shroomy Scramble

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Easy, peasy, delicious!

Yes, it’s possible to wake up in the morning and load up on a nice filling scramble, with no eggs….say whaaat!?

I know, tofu has got itself a bad rep, but dear friends you can’t hate until you ain’t! That made no sense what so ever but trust me this Tofu scramble tastes like scrambled eggs. The secret is the seasoning. Tofu is a cameleon, he adapts to the environment faster than a jaguar sprinting across the savanna to hunt down a gezelle. Throw in some mushrooms for some extra umami flavor or just because mushrooms are delicious.

What you need to whip this bad boy up:

1 block firm Tofu
Any veggies of your preference
Red pepper
Garlic powder
Nutritional yeast

As you would do a normal egg, just whip it all up together in a pan, add the veggies and mushrooms together with your spices. So easy! And no nasty eggy liquidy shit to deal with. Serve with some bread or just eat it as it is. Breakfast, breakfast for dinner, lunch, you choose my friend.

Yellow Quinoa & Lentil shebang


It’s fall and we’re all falling down. Tripping on fallen birds nests (without any birds in them!!), blowing away in the wind, walking on crispy leaves instead of sunshine. It’s a trip, it’s a fall, it’s orange, yellow, red, and we love it. 

It’s the season for the cozy things like Netflix and chill on a whole other level and obviously cozy, warm, comforting food.

Heat it up from the inside (before the Netflix and chilling maybe…) with this super simple, spicy, yummy turmeric and curry quinoa with lentils. Eat it as a side or as a meal, I made a big portion and killed that for lunch. It was a brutal battle. RIP beloved grains and spices.

All you need is
1 cup of Quinoa
1 cup of Lentils
2 1/2 cups of water
Curry Powder
Cayenne Pepper

Simply boil the water and turn it down to medium after it starts boiling. Cook the quinoa with the lentils for about 15 minutes, until all the water is soaked up. Add all your spices while the quinoa and lentils are cooking. I don’t have the exact measurements for the spices, go after your taste buds. Some like it hot, some like it bland and boring. No, but spice it up after your preference. The turmeric will give the dish this nice yellow color, which is cute if you’re into yellow. I added some kale to get in those daily greens as well.

There you go, done! Simple as a bird flapping it’s wings in the am. Delicious and satisfying. Nice little shebang! I don’t know what the word shebang means but in my mind it’s a word that expresses a loud shout of joy, like “Oh man, this shit is shebaaang!”.