Your body is not a social media trend.

Trends change as often as you change your underwear, which I hope is pretty often… You are supposed to inhale all the protein you can find, not eat past 7 pm, drink coffee with butter, jump on your left leg for 25 seconds before using the bathroom, or eat mashed potatoes before going to bed. I know that those last two aren’t real health trends, but if they got viral people would be jumping around and stuffing their faces with potatoes like crazy. This is the wonderful and terrifying effect of social media. 


There are some things that are biologically good for us like eating real wholesome foods, sleeping according to our circadian rhythm and exercising regularly. But most of the time trends are just trends and just because they are everywhere on media and being promoted by celebrities and influencers doesn’t mean they are good for you. Not even if your most trusted health magazine might hop on the trend and write a five page article about it. Most of the time social media fad trends are just that, trends.

Trends will trick you into “feeling great” even though you might not. I’ve learned this the hard way. The longer you follow a trend your body will start to get accustomed to mood swings, tiredness, not feeling completely satisfied etc. Your body puts itself in survival mode to make sure your basic living functions will work as smooth as possible. It can even lead to obsession over food. Suddenly you’re putting foods into groups. “Good foods” and “bad foods”. You’ll be looking at some nutritious grains and go like, “na, bro you can’t sit with us”. This itself is extremely unhealthy and can lead to serious issues such as eating disorders.


What’s mucho importante to understand is that your body doesn’t follow trends. Your body doesn’t check social media and go like “yeah girl, I see you getting on that low carb diet! Hell yes, let’s do this!”. No, our bodies are biologically in need of nutrients to sustain us and when we start to follow these health trends we mess up our bodies natural function and cycles. Your hormones will be going cray cray along with your digestive system, proper brain functioning and malnutrition, to name a few. What a shitty situation, or should I say “not so shitty” when your digestive system shuts down… 

Finally, you are unique. Your body is your temple and you will have certain habits that work for you but won’t necessarily work the same way for someone else.  Some people don’t need to eat three meals a day, and others need to eat five meals a day. Some people can function better on less sleep and some people can’t. Some people deal with allergies and other constraints which forces them to find their specific way of living to feel good. The only trend you should be following is your trend. And yes, it’s going to take some time to find what works best for you. There will be some experimenting involved, some trial and error, but you’ll get there. When you figure out what makes you go energizer bunny and feel the best every day, that’s when you’ve got it.


  Some tips to start would be:

  • Incorporate more fruits and veggies to your diet.
    Add nutritious foods, don’t take out anything. Make small changes every week towards a whole foods plant based diet.
  • Drink more H2O!!
    Sip it like it’s hot and you’re about to drop! Everyday! All day!
  • Move it, baby.
    Just move more. Walk a little more, maybe take a run, do some squats. Just get some activity going.
  • Get unconscious.
    Yes, you will have to start to prioritize sleep a little bit more. I wish we all could live without it, but unfortunately we need to get unconscious for a few hours every night to survive.
  • Go offline.
    Work on putting your phone away more often. Make time where you focus on you. Try to take a meditation or yoga class, go for walks, read a book. You  need a break from the social sphere to get in tune with yourself.

These are basically the foundation of getting your shit and everything else together. Don’t forget then we are all individuals with different tweaks and that’s where you have to go soul searching to see what you need. Okay, not really a soul search but you need to be willing to give your body time to experience a variety of things to realize what will transform you into your superhuman self!



Toxic Cleanse


Why does it come a time when everything is going so great and then all of a sudden it’s like we are falling into a deep hole of darkness and negativity and we feel drained and weighed down. What happened? You weren’t doing anything different?

I’ve experienced this multiple times in my life, and it’s now recently that I’ve understood why, or at least what I think is the cause of the problem. Energies. They are everywhere. I’m a sponge when it comes to energies. I feed of of peoples energies even when they try to hide them. You can act like you’re happy but if you’re actually sad or anxious I will feed of that energy and start to feel the same way even after I leave you.

There’s a lot of toxins everywhere around us, from the food we eat, to the people we surround ourselves with. Cleaning out toxic foods are easy. With a little bit of discipline and will power you can cleanse your body through your food, but people can be a little bit trickier. First of all because we rarely think about the people around us being the cause of our down word spiral, so we don’t acknowledge it. If we do realize that certain people causes us to feel down what do we even do? Just shoot them a text and be like “yo buddy, your vibe is kinda off, and it makes me feel pretty shitty. I don’t want to hang around you anymore.” – Yes, this is exactly what you do. Okay, not really exactly like this, but a people cleanse is as important as a food and body cleanse. Understand that I’m not saying that just because your best friend who is a great and fantastic human being has a bad day does it mean that you’re going to dump them. What I’m talking about is the people who constantly make you feel down after you are around them. You have to recognize a pattern. The same pattern as you might feel when you’ve been eating a lot of junk food, or you’ve been drinking to much or not been able to see the people you love in a while. Recognize who and what makes you feel a certain way and remove yourself from that situation. UPKN3871

I’ve found myself with people who are great and nice, but somehow I wake up the next day and I feel drained, and I keep feeling this way for days. I hang out with them again, and the pattern repeats itself. Intuition people. Intuition tells you that things might not be as great as it looks at the surface.

Something that is also important to realize is that YOU can be this negative energy spreading around towards others. Don’t think that you’re a saint, I’m not even saying that I am, even though I am, but whatever (I’m just kidding, relax). Your negative spiral causes you to give off negative energies which can put someone else down. So what to do? Clean yourself! I’m not talking about a hard core scrub until your skin peels off, even though a shower is not a bad idea.

Take a a shower – imagine that with the water you’re washing away all your negative energies.
Journal – write down your feelings. Set them free. Don’t hold them inside you to build up sadness and anxiety.
Meditate – Let your thoughts go, and breath them out.
Eat clean – Eat fruit, veggies, whole grains, legumes. Eat food from the earth, not dead things. To not be eating something dead that has lived life in fear and anxiety sounds like common sense to me but, you know, some people still thinks that eating dead animals is great for health…

When you are clean from you bad energies it’s time to recognize what you have to remove to not get involved with these energies again. To be honest it will become clear to you after taking the time to clean yourself. Is it food related, work related, people related? Whatever it might be, get rid of the toxins!! You’re to good to be living a life with bad vibes when you can be this flourishing viby ass bundle of joy!


Good vibes only!

I like you very Matcha




It’s time to get up, move that ass and take over the world! Coffee is so last week, and matcha is the new caffeine so why not hit up Shuhari Matcha Café on Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice? I think ya’ll should lil mamas and papas!

The amazing matcha is a more concentrated form of green tea where the tea leaves are grounded up into a powder to get that goodness from the tea leaves, and a high ass caffeine level. It’s packed with the healthy antioxidants polyphenol, which keeps you looking fresh and young as a real and keeps you blood sugar levels in a good place.

Seriously though, with caffeine and all these healthy stuff, why are you still drinking coffee!? Matcha got ya! It does need to be more commercialized though, I totally agree with that. Starbucks, where them matcha lattes at?

Lettuce wrap it up


I could really shove that lettuce wrap in my mouth right now and wash it down with some hydrating coconut water. Bu I’m not at this very moment. I’m just fantasizing about it.

I love cute little cafés with creative and homie ambiance. Homie as in at home not as in your young home boy Steve. Elderberries Café in West Hollywood has just this. It’s cute, cozy and creative, it’s C.C.C. What a label,  and what an honor to be named a C.C.C from the one and only, me.

With both vegan and non vegan options on their menu, mostly vegan though Elderberries have a nice and healthy menu. Fresh and crispy, light and snacky, burgery and sandwichy and with vegan deserts. Yes, vegan damn deserts, which are delicious creations trust me! Don’t hate, just trust, just love. – Linnéa Kindstrom. That’s how beautiful quotes are created.

Now when the colder times are creeping in from every corner I would probably slam in a nice veggie burger in my mouth instead and wash it down with a nice hot coffee. It would be more of a sipping action going on actually, I don’t like to inhale hot liquids.

Discipline your ass


Discipline. I’ve thought about how some people have better discipline than others, and that we always blame peoples lack of it for not reaching their goals. Goals in anything. Weight loss, being the champion taco eater, twerker of the year, you get the point. We look at people who has their shit together and we go ”wow, I wish I had the discipline to do what they do! Why is my shit not that well put together!?”

Discipline, in my head, goes hand in hand with addictions and habits. You might think what the hell is she talking about right now, but hear me out. What is discipline? It’s making yourself do or restrain yourself from doing certain things that feels uncomfortable. You disciplined yourself to go to the gym everyday and you don’t eat a whole cake before bed anymore. The discipline turned your desired behavior into a habit, that developed into an addiction. Am I making sense here or just totally out in the water with my bicycle? Meaning that I don’t make sense if you didn’t get my clever metaphor.

Addictions can be a bad thing but it can also be a very good thing, depending on the addiction of course. Drugs? Not the best choice. Exercising and helping others? I like the sound of that. An addiction happens fast, whether it’s to something or someone. Human beings adapt to things fairly fast, it’s in our biology for survival. Have you heard about the statement saying it takes about 21 days to develop a habit? I bet you have. 21 days is three weeks, we are not even talking about a full ass month here! It’s fast enough to make a possible change, and slow enough to realize when a habit is starting to form and then deciding to continue adapting to it or not. I could change up my habits every month if I so please, and had the discipline to do so.

What I believe is that people with better discipline than others realize the fact that by pushing themselves to do something for a short period of time, they will start doing this thing naturally. Out of a habit, out of an addiction. Disciplined people know that if they don’t push themselves over the threshold nobody else will. Three weeks can stand between you and a life changing habit.Three weeks! Do you understand how insane that is? I couldn’t even grow my own tomatoes in that time! Or maybe I could..? I don’t know that much about growing your own tomatoes. Well, back to the point, three weeks in exchange for a life time. Pretty sweet deal. But then we also have those three weeks to force ourselves into uncomfortability, which is why most people don’t do it.

Discipline is your mindset to look at something that seems impossible as no big deal. Visualize yourself succeeding and by doing this you’re making your mind strong enough to put your body into werk! People are lazy biologically (even this a survival instinct) and the only recipe for strong discipline is a strong mind and a strong will to accomplish something.

I don’t know why I started thinking about discipline all off a sudden, but it’s December, almost the end of the year and I feel that a lot of people tend to ”lay off” or put their goals ”on hold” until the new year. It’s now that we need our discipline more than ever. Finish strong and make a way for an even stronger and more productive new year. Just because the year is ending doesn’t mean that you are ending. So focus, visualize, and discipline yourself into the new year and a better you.

Swallow the Pill

Have you ever caught yourself thinking about a moment in time when you were a little kid doing something that was so hard and awful to you, and thinking about that same thing now makes you let out a mild chuckle because you were overreacting? How certain things felt like giant obstacles or the end of the world? When you started to cry if your mom got worried over a weird bump on your arm and you thought that meant that you were going to die?


A day ago I caught myself thinking of the moments when I had to take medicine as a kid. It was a shit show, to put it nicely. I would cry, yell, hide, basically do ANYTHING to get out of taking my medicine. My parents always had to bribe me with chocolate or other things just to make me take the medicine. Taking medicine in a pill form was even worse than the liquid form, or actually, I don’t know… If you think throwing up over the dinner table after a shot of medicine is a good way to go, then maybe you could say that swallowing pills was worse… I hated them equally and when it came to the pills I used to hide them and flush them down the toilet when I was alone. So I actually never took my pills… I’m totally fine though, which makes me believe that most medicines are bullshit anyways. I believe in the power of a healthy diet and lifestyle! *cough* go vegan *cough* exercise (extremely necessary side note). 


What I’m trying to say is that today I can pop pills on the regular (vitamins, okay, just vitamins, not talking about other things!!) and a shot of tequila is probably worse than the medicine I used to take but now it’s a routine for the weekend turn up. We grow up and we overcome obstacles in our life without really noticing how it happens. Yes, being able to take your medicine is not the biggest deal in the world but whatever obstacles you’re facing right now you will overcome. You just will, life is pretty cool like that. You’re in it, you don’t know what to do, and then all of a sudden you’re sitting at your kitchen table sipping on a cup of tea and you remember the bullshit you were going through and you think “Damn, look at me now, I’m getting paper” (as our friend Chris Brown would say), and then you go back to sipping on your tea with a great sense of comfort and establishment. Maybe you’re even snacking on a cookie, who knows. I hope you are because cookies are awesome and delicious.

Life will always have obstacles, life is a god damn obstacle itself! The beauty of it is that we grow and we learn. Whatever bumps and cracks he have to fall into are meant to be there, to build us and mold us into the people we are supposed to be. So whatever you’re going through, one day you’ll be able to look back and swallow the damn pill.


Because Pasta is life


Pasta, pasta, pasta. They are just like people, comes in different shapes and sizes. Some are long, some are short, some are crocked and some are in a funny shape. Does it matter? No, because in the end we love them all. Not to ruin the beautiful moment but I could live without spaghetti. Haters will hate on me for saying that, but they’re way to thin and long! Give me some substance to it, like a long ans sleek tagliatelle instead and I’m on board. The best thing about the lil pasta homies is that they are so simple to put together and they pair up with literally anything! Tomato sauce, pesto, cheesy sauce, chocolate, twigs and bark form nature itself, the list goes on my friends!

What I like the most, or one of the things I like the most because I like a shit load of things, is to let the pasta shine and whip up an easy pasta dish with fresh vegetables. Fresh, yummy, bomchickawowaa, and all those other nice sound effects.

I’m not going to tell you how to make pasta with veggies because it’s pretty straight forward. Boil up those bad boys and add veggies. There you go. This post is more a sweet little appreciation to the beloved pasta than an actual recipe. Sometimes food staples need love too! Not that pasta needs more shine than it already has, everyone loves this dude. Someone who does need more love is the potato or rice. They don’t get that much love. Well, next time. Let’s let pasta shine some more.

Sustainable Fashion


Did you ever think you would dress yourself in an outfit made out of plastic bottles or skateboards? Look into the future my friend, see the light!

Beyond The Label hosted a Sustainable Fashion Show last night in Santa Monica. Different clothing brands showed their work, which is all made out of recycled textiles and other materials. Everything on the runway was sustainable. From the shoes, clothes, to the make up the models wore. Pretty cool! And it shows that it’s possible to make great clothing without causing unnecessary damage to the environment.

Each year more than 89 million tons of municipal solid waste gets composed – in the US alone. So that shirt that’s been laying around in the back of your closet for years that you just throw away will have extremely negative effects on the environment. To produce the amount of cotton for one single shirt it can take up to 2,700 liters of water. For one shirt! That’s insane!

I mean I think we all know about how bad waste is for the environment, but how many does really make the biggest effort to change their recycling habits? Honestly, people… I don’t… But we should! Beyond The Label really showed how sustainability can be fun and fashionable, and how we all can get better at recycling and make sure we donate our old clothes for reuse. Put the sweet, sexy, and sassy in sustainable and be aware of how you waste and shop – til you drop. Dead. Kidding. Maybe. What?

The brands at the fashion show with links to their websites:

Bead & Reel – Women’s apparel
LA Relaxed – Women’s apparel

Sita Couture  – Women’s apparel
Mink Shoes – Women’s shoes
Outerknown – Men’s apparel
prAna – Men’s and Women’s fashion with focus on active wear

Get out of the dumpster


Some days you will wake up and not feel the best. You can do everything to try to cheer yourself up, fake laugh, tell yourself it’s going to be an awesome day, do a 360 spin in an awkward position in front of the mirror to laugh at your ridicolous self, but sometimes it takes a little more effort to feel great. We get into a negative thought spiral and suddenly we’re not just mad at the day anymore, we’re suddenly mat at ourselves and start to think negative things in general, and there we go. Stuck in a toxic cycle.

I’m mostly a happy person and people tell me that I’m always a happy-go-merry young chica who usually laughs at all times. But lightning can struck and there I am with a dark cloud following me throughout the day. Sucky feeling, we all know. So what to do about it?

Acknowledge it! – That’s the first step. Instead of letting your mind eat your brain up from the inside stop for a second and acknowledge how you’re feeling. Sad? Angry? Hopeless? Anxious? Lonely? Grab the feeling by it’s butt and stare it straight up in the face and say “Okay, I’m feeling this way. This is me feeling this way. How can I make myself feel better?”. It’s hard to go from sad to the most happy little fluff ball in a matter of seconds, but you can always make yourself feel better. Ask yourself  what would make you feel better right now?  Sometimes it’s the most simple things that can increase our mood from totally down the dumpster to getting out of the dumpster. Call a friend or family member, take a walk, watch your favorite movie, get some of your favorite food, listen to happy music, the list of feel good things goes on.

Acknowledge your feelings and talk them out with someone to not let them eat you up alive. Write them down! Get them out of yourself before they manifest deep into your soul (yes, that sounds very dramatic but it’s kinda true) Realize that without the bad days we wouldn’t appreciate and know when we are having a good day. Bad days are okay and a part of being a human, unfortunately. Tomorrow is another day, a better day.

Also, you’re great and you deserve all of the happiness possible!

Shroomy Scramble

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Easy, peasy, delicious!

Yes, it’s possible to wake up in the morning and load up on a nice filling scramble, with no eggs….say whaaat!?

I know, tofu has got itself a bad rep, but dear friends you can’t hate until you ain’t! That made no sense what so ever but trust me this Tofu scramble tastes like scrambled eggs. The secret is the seasoning. Tofu is a cameleon, he adapts to the environment faster than a jaguar sprinting across the savanna to hunt down a gezelle. Throw in some mushrooms for some extra umami flavor or just because mushrooms are delicious.

What you need to whip this bad boy up:

1 block firm Tofu
Any veggies of your preference
Red pepper
Garlic powder
Nutritional yeast

As you would do a normal egg, just whip it all up together in a pan, add the veggies and mushrooms together with your spices. So easy! And no nasty eggy liquidy shit to deal with. Serve with some bread or just eat it as it is. Breakfast, breakfast for dinner, lunch, you choose my friend.